Why I should choose your company
At Texhans Lawn Care, we provide the city of Houston and surrounding areas, regular scheduled lawn service, upkeep, installation, and more. From standard residential to commercial properties. Our team is qualified to help complete or value engineer any designed project from start to finish. We take pride in our work and in providing the utmost attention to your lawn care needs. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!
What kind of lawn maintenance?
Our services include grass mowing, sod installation, landscaping, hardscaping, tree and bush trimming, fence installation, regular weeding, mulching and fertilizer, shrub and hedge maintenance, bush removal, and more.
How do I tell if I have grubs?
To check, lift a piece of your turf. If Grubs are the culprit, the dead patch will roll up like a carpet, or you'll be able to pull up the grass and see that it has no roots. Irregularly-shaped dead patches appear in your well-irrigated lawn in late summer or early fall.
How often and how much should I water my lawn?
The industry standard for amount of water your lawn needs is roughly an inch of water per week or 1/2 an inch twice per week, whether the yard gets water manually or from rainfall. This can be measured with a can placed in the yard to collect water as you run your sprinkler or stand out there with a hose.

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